Biological Advances Edit

The main biological advance that the civilization has made is the realization and analyzation of certain genetic markers in the human body.  The first of these is the basic gene that dictates fine motor skills and other things that go into certain jobs.  This allows the civilization to control who has what job based on innate skills and ability to complete certain tasks.  The second is the so-called 'Specter gene' which is a genetic marker that allows a person to control the matter and environment around them.  Currently, only people with the Specter gene are in the pool for random selection to become a Specter.  This gene, however, does not give one complete control over their abilities so the current committee of Specters make it their duty to train the randomly selected few on how to mold the space around them.  The final genetic advance made is the mastery of epigenetics or the study of certain genetic markers being turned on or off.  This mastery allows the Specters to 'turn on' the gene for molding the environment and also allows doctors to turn on or turn off certain markers that deviate from the norm. 

Medical Advances Edit

Most of the medical advances can also fall under the biological advances category but this just explains those principles in depth.  First of all, the mastery of epigenetics in humans paved for the same mastery in plants which allows scientists to adapt medicinal herbs to be more potent with fewer side effects leading to increased life expectancy and lower rates of sickness and disease.  

Weapons Technology Edit

The civilization doesn't place a high importance on weapons so their weapons are relatively primitive.  For hunting of small and large game they use bows & arrow, spears and sometimes swords or axes.  The weapons are made from the wood of the whistle trees and the metals are mined from the caves throughout the forest.  The metal is known as mollium and is usually malleable until soaked in a mixture of water and the minerals found in the caves.  This makes it very easy to create arrowheads, spearheads and swords.