Former Government Edit

The first government was a lot like the current one besides how the new Specters were chosen.  The first Specters would often just choose their progeny or the people closest to them.  This resulted in the first revolt known as "The Cleansing" because the people cleansed the committee of corruption and created the current statistical selection for Specters.

Current Government Edit

The current government is a form of elite democracy.  It is a committee made up of 30 members (known as "Specters") that stay on for life.  Every year, an 18 year old with specific genetic markers is randomly selected from one of the 10 areas to go into training to become a Specter.  The 10 areas are rotated every year so that no specific area will have a majority of representatives in the House of Specters.  The House of Specters is based off of statistical analysis of the population.  The creator of the House made the number of Specters representative of the population of the entire civilization.  These Specters are supposedly "the most common of commoners" and through random selection it is seen that they represent the will of the people.

If a current Specter were to die the next Specter in line would be chosen; the next Specter is line is the oldest one that isn't currently on the committee.