The people of the civilization do not live on earth, rather, a planet somewhat similar to Earth but smaller.  The civilians live within a large forest employing "forest gardening" by using the natural environment to their advantages.  The forests are mainly full of whistle trees so called because of the high pitched sound they make when the wind blows.  Whistle trees are tall and wide trees that make up the canopy layer of the forest; their wood is used for most buildings and some tools.  Below the whistle trees are many trees bearing fruits and nut, these include: the neku tree (bears neku nuts, similar to pecans), bangko tree (bears the bangko fruit, similar to peaches), and the doko tree (bears the doko fruit, similar to apples).  Within the forests are small clearings made by the people for housing and other buildings.  In the middle of this giant forest there is a large crater where the land was torn from the planet and is now floating in the sky.  The land floating is attached by a giant chain and the Specters and the Specters trainees reside on this floating piece of rock.  Within the forest are some caves where metals and minerals can be found.  The metal helps to make tools and buildings while the minerals are used for health and medicinal remedies.