Currency Edit

The currency of the civilization is paper and metal based with the metal coins being more valuable than the paper money.  There is a 5 cent unit, a 10 cent unit, a 25 cent unit, a 50 cent unit and a 1 dollar unit for paper money while the coins are used for 5 dollar units and above.  The paper money depicts an image of the flag of the nation and various landscapes depending on the value.  The metal currency has the House of Specters on one side with the Latin Gloria in excelsis Libra (glory to balance in the highest) while the other side depicts balanced scales and various numbers dispersed all over the side.

Basic Economic Structure Edit

The civilization's economy is an autarky that is sustainable because the of the statistical analysis that the society revolves around.  The economy is split up proportionally so that goods that are absolutely needed for everyone (food, water, etc.), so a family of 5 will get a little more than a family of 4.  The goods that aren't needed are simply bought and sold normally without many regulations and the sales taxes are very small.